Edge Protection Seal Strips

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Item: Edge Protection Seal Strips

MOQ: 500 meters

Packing: carton/pallet

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We can offer a variety of solutions to protect your edges from impact and damage. Our extensive selection of edge protection rubber profiles are suitable for use on a wide range of sheet, panel and edge thicknesses. We produce our edge protection profiles from different compounds in order to suit your specific application and working environment. We can also produce bespoke profiles to your exact specifications, subject to minimum order quantities.

Our edge protection rubber profiles have been specifically designed to absorb impacts in order to protect your edges from damage. They also serve to protect users from potential injuries caused from thin and sharp edges. We always manufacture our profiles from the highest quality compounds available. This ensures that our edge protectors are not only suitable for use, but also made to last. Despite offering high strength and tear resistance, our edge protectors are also highly flexible. This enables our profiles to fit around a wide variety of curves.

You can install many of our edge protectors without the use of adhesive. This not only enables you to insert and remove the profiles as needed. It also enables you to use a single length multiple times.

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Application: Unrefined edge protection, decorative trim

Product: Self Grip Edge Trim

Hardness (Shore A): 67 - 82°

Material:PVC, Steel

Colour: Black, red, white, grey, blue


Using one hand, roll it fast along the edge and at the same time press with the thumb of the other hand at the point where the t/fast meets the edge. It can be easily cut and can be mitred round a tight angle simply by cutting out a V section with tin snips. The ends can be joined together by heating the touching ends with a hot piece of metal.

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