Mechanical sealing strip

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Item: Mechanical sealing strip

MOQ: 500 meters

Packing: Carton/Pallet

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Mechanical seals are composed of a EPDM or soft PVC trim strip and a EPDM sponge bulb with the special metal clips and gripping tongue to provide the better gripping,which are mainly used in machinery,autos,truck and so on.Mechanical seals are devices that are used to provide a seal at the point of entry or exit of a rotating shaft. During normal operation a very thin fluid film is present between the rotating and stationary face, the function of which is necessary to lubricate the sealing faces and thereby prevent excessive wear.Mechanical seals have good mechanical properties ,it have many sizes to fit accurately and excellent seal properties .mechanical can reduce noise and shock and also protect mechanical edge from damage and wide range of temperature .We can develop new products which satisfy customers in the shortest time according to customer’s requirement.

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Material: EPDM ,soft PVC

General Temperature range: PVC:-20˚F to +150˚F   EPDM:-40˚F to +230˚F

Clip material: Aluminium ,steel

Hardness:PVC: 85 shore A   EPDM:70 shore A

Color: black

Packing: roll and strong exported carton or according to customers' requirements

Resistance to: Weather resistance— Excellent

alkalis and acids resistance— Excellent

Aging and ozone resistance—- Excellent

Sunlight Aging resistance—Excellent

Certificate: we have got ISO91001 and IATF16949


Mechanical seals are a type of packing installed on the power transmitting shaft of a rotating machine. They are used in various applications ranging from automobiles, ships, rockets and industrial plant equipment, to residential devices.Mechanical seals are intended to prevent the fluid (water or oil) used by a machine from leaking to the external environment (the atmosphere or a body of water). This role of mechanical seals contributes to the prevention of environmental contamination, energy saving through improved machine operating efficiency, and machine safety.

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