Differences Between Rubber Molded Products And Extruded Products

With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, rubber products are more and more widely used. For rubber and plastic products that can be seen everywhere, such as sealing ring, rubber strip, rubber tube, rubber sleeve, gasket and so on, do you really know how they are made? Generally speaking, there are two common molding methods of rubber products: molding and extrusion, which can be made into rubber molding seals and extrusion strips respectively. The finished products have different functions and different processes, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the differences between rubber molding products and extrusion products?

1.  Molding

In the process of molding, the powder flake and agglomerate rubber block is first made into a blank with similar shape to the finished product, which is placed in the cavity of the heating mold, and then molded, solidified or vulcanized by closing the mold, and then demoulded to get the product.

It is widely used in industry and agriculture, transportation, electrical and chemical industry, construction machinery, daily necessities and other material fields.

The rubber products made by molding process are mainly structural connectors, protective seals and electrical insulation parts, which are made into sealing rings, gaskets, protective sleeves, sealing plugs, edging sleeves, gaskets, oil seals, miscellaneous parts and other products.

2.  Extrusion

Extrusion, also known as extrusion molding or extrusion molding, refers to the processing method in which materials are heated and plasticized while continuously pushed forward through the die through the action of extruder barrel and screw.

In extrusion molding, the extruder, die and die, as well as the corresponding auxiliary devices are generally selected according to the type and shape of the processed products, and then the extrusion process conditions are determined, such as screw speed, die pressure, setting temperature, etc. In the process of extrusion, the material is usually plasticized, cooled and cured or vulcanized. Different products can be obtained by different extrusion processes.

Extrusion can be applied to the processing of thermoplastic and rubber to realize batching, granulation and rubber filtration. Extrusion products are widely used in construction industry, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, electronic equipment, automobile and aviation.

Using extrusion process, we can make sealing strip, pipe, plate, sheet, film, printer copier roller, wire and cable covered rubber sleeve, rubber tire noodles, inner tube, various complex cross-section shape products, hollow, solid, foaming and other finished rubber and plastic products.

Post time: Jan-27-2021