Mechanical Seal Installation

The installation method of mechanical seal varies with the type of mechanical seal and the type of machine, but the installation essentials are almost the same. Mechanical seal is one of the basic mechanical components with precision and complex structure. The installation steps and precautions are as follows:

Assembly sequence

1. Assembly of static parts of mechanical seal:

a. Install the anti rotation pin into the corresponding hole of the sealing end cover;

b. Put the static ring seal ring on the static ring, install the static ring into the seal end cover, and pay attention to make the anti rotation pin enter the groove of the static ring. When installing the gland, pay attention not to make the static ring touch the shaft - the bolts should be tightened evenly in several times.

2. Assembly of rotating parts of mechanical seal: assemble the rotating parts of mechanical seal on the shaft one by one according to the sequence. If there is a shaft sleeve, the rotating parts of the mechanical seal should be assembled on the shaft sleeve in turn, and then the shaft with the rotating parts of the mechanical seal should be installed on the shaft.

3. Install the end cover on the sealing body and tighten it evenly with screws.

4. Whether the disk test is easy, if the disk is not moving or hard, check whether the assembly size is correct. Installation method:

(1) Check whether the model, specification and parts of the mechanical seal to be installed are correct.

(2) Check whether all components of mechanical seal are damaged, especially whether the sealing end faces of moving ring and static ring are damaged. If any damage is found, repair or replace new parts. All sealing components shall be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene to keep the surface of components free of dust and foreign matters.

(3) Whether there are burr and groove marks on the surface of shaft or sleeve, inner wall of sealing cavity and inner surface of sealing end cover. If any burr or groove is found, it should be smoothed, polished, cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, and cleaned with clean and soft gauze, absorbent cotton and other things. In order to make it easier to install, oil should be applied on the surface of shaft or shaft sleeve and the matching surface of gland and sealing ring to avoid dry friction at the moment of starting.

Post time: Jan-27-2021